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Save Tomorrow gets 4.5 stars out of 5 at Chambers of Rock!

Alun Chambers at Chambers of Rock reviewed the new Bonrud “Save Tomorrow” CD and gave it 4.5 stars out of 5!

‘Save Tomorrow’ is the second album from the Bonrud band, released through Escape Music led by the incredibly talented Paul Bonrud, who’s guitar playing and songwriting / arranging, production work, etc, etc all go hand in hand to create some masterful work. The first self-titled album was released in 2004 through the Frontiers label and gained much praise, even if it did draw many comparisons to AOR greats Journey, from the artwork of that album through to the music.

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Interview with Paul Bonrud at Battle Helm Magazine

Does anybody not say that this is my best work when they present their new album? What is it that makes this better than your previous albums?

Paul:  I’m sure most people do usually say that their new CD is their best work and most probably believe that. I certainly believe the new Bonrud “Save Tomorrow” CD is my best work! Art is very subjective and ultimately it will be up to the fans and journalists to decide for themselves. All of the reviews I have seen thus far have been extremely favorable. I strongly feel that the song writing, performances, production, and artwork are all major steps forward. More time and effort was certainly focused in all of those areas.

Keith Olsen produced the new Bonrud “Save Tomorrow” CD with me and it was very carefully produced whereas the self-titled Bonrud CD Frontiers and Marquee Avalon released a few years ago was essentially a bunch of home-made demos I recorded myself that Keith mixed for me. I’m still very proud of the self-titled Bonrud CD and I know a lot of people really enjoyed that CD but my hope is that all of those fans will enjoy the new Bonrud CD even more. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and love went into the “Save Tomorrow” CD, that’s for sure! It’s truly the best CD I could make…


Review of ‘Save Tomorrow’ at Battle Helm Magazine

“I’m not one for looking back and reminiscing but I can’t help to still liking the soundtracks to movies like St Elmo’s Fire and Top Gun. Soundtracks filled with pseudo hardrock , or AOR if you like. There’s something to the music in these movies that makes me feel good. Don’t know what it is about the music that puts me in that mode but I gotta admit that I like the feeling. Bonrud’s album “Save Tomorrow” does that to me too…”


Paul Bonrud Interview with Tanya Hadlington at

It has been a few years since I actually enjoyed a rock album that combines both hard rock and melodic rock music of such a high quality. Bonrud may have been absent for 8 years but they are back with a vengeance, more powerful and more determined than ever. Paul Bonrud, guitarist, songwriter & producer tells The Rockpit what has happened all these years and what the future holds for the band.


Lior Stein’s Review of ‘Save Tomorrow’ at Metal-Temple Magazine

“I was surprised in the best way of all, by the track that was featured onto the double CD compiled by Andrew McNiece for his N°9. So I was quite ecstatic while putting this album into my CD player. With fun & sexy cover-art, “Save Tomorrow” by BONRUD is the sophomore effort by this straight out of the 80s melodic Hard Rock band, created by guitar player Paul Bonrud helped by talented high pitched vocalist Rick Forsgren. The team surely took its time to provide the best work possible as “Save Tomorrow” is indeed only the first release for this project in eight years…”


Rich Davenport’s Rock Show – Dokken & Bonrud Interviews

In the first hour, Dokken frontman Don Dokken talks about the band’s new album “Broken Bones”, and chooses tracks from the new release, along with classic hits and Don’s choice of songs from the band’s back catalogue.

In part 2, guitarist Paul Bonrud and vocalist Rick Forsgren of melodic Hard Rockers Bonrud discuss the band’s new release “Save Tomorrow”, and the experience of working with famed producer Keith Olsen (Scorpions, Ozzy, Whitesnake), with 2 songs from the album.

Plus classic tracks and killer new cuts from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neal Schon, Boston, Black Sabbath, Phil Lynott, Heaven and Hell, Sound Storm, and Flash Bastard


Review at Rock Angels (In Spanish): Bonrud, “Save Tomorrow”

Paul Bonrud es un músico poco conocido aun por el público A.O.R. Ya en 2004 lanzó con Frontiers su debut bajo el nombre de “Bonrud” y demostró tener el talento para crear un buen disco de Hard Rock, con temas alegres y muy amenos, en mi opinión de los diez mejores de aquel año dentro de su género.

Ocho años ha tardado en volver y durante ese tiempo ha mejorado su técnica, perfeccionándola para ofrecer un gran disco y demostrar si cabe, que el nombre “Bonrud” es garantía de calidad…



The Mayfair Mall Zine Reviews “Save Tomorrow”


Artist:  Bonrud
Title: Save Tomorrow
Label: Escape Music

‘Save Tomorrow’ is the long await new album for multi-instrumentalist Paul Bonrud and powerhouse vocalist Rick Forsgren, together with drummer Paul Higgins, along with the keyboard skills of Richard Baker, Eric Ragno, and Dave Gross.

The album has been labeled as Melodic Rock but to me its just a great Rock album that mixes melodic elements with a harder edged guitar sound that ventures into the Metal genre from time to time.

Things get underway in emphatic style and pace with the storming ‘We Collide’, where we feel the full force of the guitars of Bonrud and powerhouse vocals of Forsgren.  This is a hell of an opener and really give you a feel of what this album is all about.

The big driven guitars of Bonrud lead the way on the excellent ‘Bullet In The Back’, where Forsgren unleashes a vocal attack that is second to none, the all guns blazing ‘American Dream’ is pure Hard Rock gold.  This is old school, big riffing guitars with a solid vocal and a great chorus.

It’s to the more traditional Melodic Rock sound with the title track ‘Save Tomorrow’, with Forsgren showing what a vocal titan he is as he mixes power and poise, all this vocal might around that tight, rich guitar sound.

The tempo is brought right down with the haunting ‘Liquid Sun’, again Forsgren is just superb.  This is definitely one of my favourite tracks off the album.  The melodic rock vibe is continued with the up tempo rocker ‘I’d Do Anything’, before a little more edge is brought to proceedings with the riff fuelled ‘Last Sunrise’.

It’s time to switch things round around with the melodic rocker ‘Torn Apart’, before the modern rocker ‘Blinded’.  Two great songs, both so different but equally impressive.  Then it’s over to the pop rocker ‘Dominoes’, a track that has a very 80’s feel to it, but still packs enough punch not to be out-shadowed by the rest of the album.

The album closes with two corkers, first it’s the mellow rocker ‘You’re The One’, before the album is rounded off with the sublime ‘End Of Days’, which ends off a great album that will once again put the name of Bonrud on the lips of Melodic Rock fans the world over.

Review of “Save Tomorrow” at Virtuosity One


Save Tomorrow

Out now on Escape Music

Rating – 93%

Bonrud’s debut album was, to put it mildly, influenced by Journey. From the cover illustration to the polished tunes, everything breathed the spirit of those suave Californian gentlemen.

This follow up is cut from roughly the same cloth. There’s a harder edge to the music though, combined with some Bon Jovi-esque pop sensibility. I’m reminded at times of Fifth Angel (“American Dream” for instance), partly because of singer Rick Forsgren’s voice.

Title track “Save Tomorrow” wouldn’t have been out of place on the debut, the Journey is very strong in this one. If there was any justice in the world, “I’d Do Anything” would be a massive hit.

Paul Bonrud is an excellent guitar player, who manages to seamlessly incorporate his flashy leads into the songs.

Keith Olsen took care of production duties; this album’s flawless sound is a relief in this world of home-produced demo quality CDs. The guitar tone in particular benefits.

A refreshing album.
Review by Sancho

Matt Coe from Norwegian Rock Webzine Imhotep Reviews ‘Save Tomorrow’



Bonrud – “Save Tomorrow”

Escape Music (2012)

Rating: 5 / 6

In melodic rock these days, central locality to form the right partnership isn’t as necessary if you have talent, technology, and time at your disposal. Guitarist/bassist Paul Bonrud started Bonrud with vocalist Rick Forsgren, releasing their debut album on Frontiers Records. It didn’t matter at the time that Seattle, Washington and Saint Paul, Minnesota were their respective locales- their vision to produce high quality melodic rock with Journey and Foreigner as their inspiration led the band to acclaim and chart action in Europe and Japan. The follow up “Save Tomorrow” may have a new drummer Paul Higgins and a trio of keyboardists supplying their skills (Richard Baker, Eric Ragno, and Dave Gross) but the end result is pure gold for those of us who love the late 70’s to late 80’s AOR hit making years.

The measuring stick of a great melodic rock album begins and ends with hooks- and “Save Tomorrow” swings plenty of them early and often. The title cut charges with Paul’s feel good riffing style as Rick Forsgren soars with his multi-octave high notes- transporting you back to the better Schon/Perry moments with Journey during “Escape” and “Frontiers” years- along with a touch of Jimi Jamison era Survivor. “American Dream” has a little of that old Michael Bolton (during his rock days) meets Aldo Nova feel musically- the right guitar squeals and licks that keep this mid-tempo arrangement catchy and in the pocket groove-wise. Paul also co-produced the 12 song effort with renowned producer Keith Olsen– who’s only worked with Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, and Rick Springfield among others- so this has a potent, in your face sound with the emphasis in all the right places. Only downside- the comic book caper cover art… this fine release deserves a better first impression than that.

My current favorites include the made for radio “Torn Apart” and the Loverboy riffs meets Queen vocal harmonies for the closer “You’re The One”- but I didn’t hear a weak song out of the bunch. One you can play for the family for sure- and leave humming quite a few parts in the process- kudos to Bonrud and I can’t wait for what’s in store for future records.


Composed by Matt Coe