Interview with Paul Bonrud at Battle Helm Magazine

Does anybody not say that this is my best work when they present their new album? What is it that makes this better than your previous albums?

Paul:  I’m sure most people do usually say that their new CD is their best work and most probably believe that. I certainly believe the new Bonrud “Save Tomorrow” CD is my best work! Art is very subjective and ultimately it will be up to the fans and journalists to decide for themselves. All of the reviews I have seen thus far have been extremely favorable. I strongly feel that the song writing, performances, production, and artwork are all major steps forward. More time and effort was certainly focused in all of those areas.

Keith Olsen produced the new Bonrud “Save Tomorrow” CD with me and it was very carefully produced whereas the self-titled Bonrud CD Frontiers and Marquee Avalon released a few years ago was essentially a bunch of home-made demos I recorded myself that Keith mixed for me. I’m still very proud of the self-titled Bonrud CD and I know a lot of people really enjoyed that CD but my hope is that all of those fans will enjoy the new Bonrud CD even more. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and love went into the “Save Tomorrow” CD, that’s for sure! It’s truly the best CD I could make…


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