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A new label, a new singer and a new attitude. That sums up the sophomore release from US guitarist Paul Bonrud and his band, which now features the raspier tones of Rick Forsgren on vocals. And moving away from the more pure AOR of the debut, Save Tomorrow is a far grittier release, blending some great commercial melodic rock moments with harder edged material that allows Paul to show off his guitar skills to far greater advantage.

The hard rock aspect of this album is also more contemporary sounding, but don’t confuse this for being too heavy or a modern rock record. No, it is just classic hard rock with a contemporary edge in places. It’s also still very melodic and very likable and thanks to producer Keith Olsen, sounds a million bucks. This really is one of those albums that could so easily slip through the cracks between better known artists, which would be criminal, as the album stands on its own and delivers a thoroughly cracking good selection of songs and deserves to be heard by all.

The Songs

The hard rocking We Collide is a monster song and the thumping production and classic “metal” voice of Forsgren gives this album the kind of Dokken vibe that Dokken themselves can’t reach today. The menacing riff heavy Bullet in the Back is even better and simply thumps through the speakers. American Dream is classic 80’s hard rock while Save Tomorrow takes a raspy vocal and turns the album back towards a more melodic rock/AOR territory. A killer chorus makes this a worthy title track. Liquid Sun is a more contemporary sounding slow burn rocker, again contrasted by the feel good melodic rock of I’d Do Anything. Last Sunrise continues the back and forth nature of the middle album sequence, turning heavier again, with its counterpart, the very catchy Torn Apart switching back to the lighter side. Blinded is as gritty as the album gets with a memorable riff and strong old school hard rock chorus. As expected, Dominoes is lighter and breezier with some sing-along moments. You’re The One is a terrific Bryan Adams style melodic rocker and End of Days is a slow starting moody rocker that flows into a great chorus to end the album with another highlight.

Special mention of the awesome artwork commissioned by Paul especially for the album and the change of logo distances Bonrud from that “Journey Scarab” theme that pops up so much.

The Bottom Line

Paul Bonrud may have cranked up the sound here for a heavier direction, but the melodies and hooks come thick and fast just as they did on the debut.  I think that everything about Save Tomorrow is better than the debut – more consistency in songwriting, better production, a style that really suits Paul and singer Rick and more energy throughout. A highly recommended album for all melodic rock fans.

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Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Bonrud
· Save Tomorrow


Line Up:
· Rick Forsgren: Vocals
· Paul Bonrud: Guitars, Bass
· Paul Higgins: Drums
· With:
· Richard Baker, Eric Ragno, Dave Gross: Keyboards


Essential For Fans Of:
· Bonrud
· Fans of Amercian Hard Rock


Track Listing
· We Collide *
· Bullet in the Back *
· American Dream *
· Save Tomorrow *
· Liquid Sun
· I’d Do Anything
· Last Sunrise
· Torn Apart *
· Blinded
· Dominoes *
· You’re The One *
· End of Days

–*Best Tracks

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